For various industrial inkjet-printing applications.
For porous & non-porous substrates and surfaces.

A design is more than just a development.

A design is basing on the detailed comprehension of your need which can only be satisfied by converting your vision or idea into its physical existence.

Designers are masters in understanding needs and in the art of satisfying these needs by converting your idea into physical existence. A designer does not subordinate the initial idea to any restrictions. A designer contributes all skills to present a result which corresponds to your initial idea. Exactly.

As ink designers, we use all your expertise, know-how and skills in a creative way to convert your vision or idea into the ink which satisfies your needs. We follow this creative way with our maximum dedication, passion and precision.

This high level of our creativity, dedication and precision in converting your idea into the satisfaction of your needs differentiates us as ink designers from ink developers.